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Bidvest Unity Walk

Walking for those who can’t

United we walked, 69 000 people in four cities on the same day.

More than 23 000 employees and 46 000 guests in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth turned up to walk for those who can’t and spiralled us into a new Guinness world record. What’s more, we donated more than 300 wheelchairs to QASA, the association for the benefit of quadriplegics and paraplegics.

The 10 km Bidvest Unity Walk started in Johannesburg five years ago and has grown phenomenally. This year there was a 30% growth in Bidvest staff attendance and 11% growth in guests, with Johannesburg limited to two guests per Bidvest employee and other regions to four.

It was a magical day and in addition to changing the lives of the over 300 recipients of brand new wheelchairs, the walk was an opportunity to show the strength and unity of our Bidvest people. For many the walk has been an inspiration to get fit, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Blessing Gumede, manager of Sprint Packaging, completed his first walk in 2013 and has since lost 46 kg and completed the Comrades Marathon. We would love to hear from more Bidvest employees on how the walk changed their lives.

Congratulations to the organisers for these superbly run events and well done to all our participants. We look forward to even larger numbers next year.


Sunday August 18 2013

Bidvest - Unity walk

The inaugural Bidvest Unity walk in 2011 took place in Johannesburg. In 2012 the Bidvest Unity Walk was extended to include people in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. This year we are excited to confirm that the walk will take place in four cities with Port Elizabeth employees and their families having their very own walk as well!

Bidvest employees will walk in support of QASA (quadriplegic association of South Africa), which strives to protect and promote the interests of people with mobility impairments.

The turn-out for the walk In 2012 was phenomenal, with 10 358 employees and 25 246 guests in Johannesburg (35 604); 3 063 employees and 5 630 guests in Durban (8 693) and 2 318 employees and 3 834 guests in Cape Town (6 152). The grand total was the staggering number of 15 739 employees and 34 760 guests (50 499).

There are over 80 000 employees in South Africa and holding the event in four cities should ensure an enormous turnout on August 18 2013.

Join us for a fun-filled day with loads of entertainment; food, refreshments and secure kiddies area at each venue. There will be great give-aways and even the grand prize of a car; one per city!

"The Unity Walk is the perfect platform for the people of Bidvest to come together and reflect on the strength and values of the Group and at the same time have a great day out."
- Neil Jankelowitz, managing director, MSCSports

Bidvest Unity Walk 2013

Johannesburg 38 498
Durban 8 492
Cape Town 12 116
Port Elizabeth 2 954
Total participants 62 063