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Shout SA

SHOUT For A Safer South Africa was launched in Johannesburg on March 16th 2010. Sparked by the senseless murder of Lucky Dube in 2007, fellow musicians Danny K and Kabelo resolved to create a movement that both raises money for crime prevention programmes and the rehabilitation of offenders and gives the nation a voice in the fight against crime.

In 2010, an unprecedented line-up of celebrities and artists came together to record a song and create a music video as the first rallying cry for this new movement. "Shout" was a real success. It not only raised awareness for the campaign message, it also earned Shout the South African Music Award for Full-Track Download of the Year in 2011 and funds raised by the track were used to fund a variety of projects.

Current ongoing activities include a new SHOUT music video and song launched in March 2012 and a groundbreaking crime awareness SHOUT Mobile Phone App now available, SHOUT has become a cry that unites a distressed but determined nation. As a registered non-profit, the SHOUT Foundation is supported by a number of South African organisations and individuals that give of their time, money and support for the initiative.

For more information visit shoutsa.com