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Bidvest Rental and Products

Bidvest Rental and Products

The division is a leader in the provision of products and services that enhance the working environment through hygiene rental equipment, consumables, laundry services, indoor plants, drinking water and water coolers, specialised clothing and workwear.

Coffee machines and related consumables as well as art rental are new offerings. Pest control services enhance the Steiner bundle of services.

Operational businesses are leaders in their chosen fields and include Bidvest Steiner, G. Fox & Company, Clockwork Giant Clothing, Boston Laundries, First Garment Rental, Montana Laundries, Bidvest Execuflora, Silk by Design, Puréau Fresh Water Company, Hotel Amenities Suppliers, Bidvest Steri Pic & Promo Sachets. The business is differentiated by the savings and synergies it delivers to customers by creating a single source for a wide range of complementary rental services and products.

Head office

Chief executive:Alan Fainman

Financial director:Trevor Scruse

Personal assistant:Sharon Soutter


Head office address:110 Loper Avenue
Kempton Park

Tel:+27 (11) 923 9490