Bidvest Commercial Products

The industrial grouping of companies includes manufacturing and trading businesses in South Africa. The division also represents global brands which include HiKOKI Power Tools, Signode (strapping), Unicarriers (forklifts), Rational Ovens, Tajima (embroidery machines), Juki (sewing machines) and Tesa Tapes. Plumblink supplies a full range of bathroom plumbing products and Voltex distributes a vast array of electrical, cable and allied products.

Howard Greenstein

Howard Greenstein

Chief Executive

Products and services

  • Electrical cable and wire.
  • Transmission and distribution equipment
  • General electrical products
  • Smart energy solutions.
  • Lighting products.
  • Power quality and power management enhancement products
  • Solar panels and inverters
  • Reticulation management systems
  • Cable reticulation products
  • Electrical steel conduit and related accessories
  • Low and medium voltage electrical products
  • Plumbing products
  • Bathroom products and accessories
  • Geysers
  • Drainage products
  • Fire equipment
DIY, Tools and Workwear
  • Power tools, air tools and accessories
  • Electrical and plumbing accessories
  • Automotive tools
  • Painting utensils and tools
  • Domestic brushes and accessories


  • Workwear & footwear
  • Safety equipment
  • Cleaning chemicals and products
Industrial: Packaging, warehousing and general
  • Generators and compressors
  • Adhesives, lubricants and sealants
  • Welding and safety equipment
  • Lifting and rigging equipment
  • Pulling and lashing equipment
  • Metal fittings and accessories
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Upholstery materials
  • Fasteners to manufacturing industry

Packaging closures:

  • Commodity and speciality tape
  • Film and strapping
  • Stapling and bag closing machines
  • Protective packaging
  • Taping machines and dispensers
  • Collated nails and staples

Materials handling:

  • Sales of new and refurbished forklifts
  • Maintenance contracts for forklifts
  • Short-term machine hire
  • Battery supplies and maintenance

Industrial rental and supplies:

  • Welding machines and consumables
  • Generators
  • Soldering and gas cutting products
  • Abrasives
  • Safety and PPE

  • Bookbinding/duct and gaffer tapes
  • Acrylic foam tape
  • Automotive tape
  • Double-sided self-adhesive foam
  • Heat sealing and space packaging tape
  • High performance and packaging tape
  • Protection mask tape
  • Splicing and strapping tape

Automatic carton sealing machines and dispensers:

  • Speciality tapes
  • Tape machines & dispensers
  • Back bar equipment
  • Boiling pans
  • Conveyor ovens
  • Counter line equipment
  • Deep fryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Food warming and display equipment
  • Frytop griddles
  • Gas ranges
  • Refrigeration
  • King Pie
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail outlets/franchise stores
  • Yamaha musical instruments
  • Yamaha audio and visual equipment
  • Yamaha Golf carts, motor bikes and boats
  • Motor vehicle accessories.
  • Leisure accessories.
  • Camping equipment

Our businesses

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  • Academy Brushware

    Academy Brushware produces and distributes a complete range of painting utensils and tools and manufactures a wide choice of brooms from domestic to industrial use. The range is very diverse and sure to offer something to satisfy all needs and demands of the end-users in the marketplace. Academy Brushware also boasts an industrial division where specific brushes are produced to satisfy the needs of the vast majority of organisations. These vary between road sweepers, rotary brushes, wire-twisted brushes and car washing applicators.

  • Bidvest Afcom

    Bidvest Afcom is a South African leader in the manufacture, distribution and provisioning of innovative packaging and fastening solutions and services to the commerce, mining and agricultural sectors. Branded products are manufactured and distributed under licence to leading companies around the world. These include strapping systems, collated nails, staples and other fasteners, self-adhesive tape and taping machines, ink jet marking and coding systems, self-adhesive labels, stretch film and machines, shrink film, pallet netting, hot melt equipment, twine, protective packaging, as well as powder-actuated tools, power tools, gas technology systems and consumables for the construction industry.

  • Bidvest Buffalo Tapes Proprietary Limited

    Bidvest Buffalo Tapes Proprietary Limited is a leading self-adhesive tape company offering superior quality to specialised markets as well as the packaging closure industries. The company successfully reaches its customer through its distinct presence in six market segments, automotive, paper, print and film (PPF), aluminum and steel, cable, general industrial and retail.

  • Yamaha Distributors

    Yamaha Distributors is the sole South African importer and distributor of the full Yamaha range of products and spares in South Africa.

  • Bidvest Materials Handling Proprietary Limited

    Bidvest Materials Handling Proprietary Limited imports and distributes materials handling equipment, parts and services. The company is the exclusive South African distributor of Unicarriers (Nissan) forklifts and warehousing equipment. Equipment available in South Africa includes diesel forklifts, gas or petrol versions from one to seven tonnes and electric four-wheelers up to two tonnes. The Unicarriers (Nissan) brand includes various pallet transporters, pallet stackers, order pickers and reach trucks.

  • Vulcan Catering Equipment

    Vulcan Catering Equipment specialises in the manufacturing, exporting and distributing of industrial and commercial catering and bakery equipment to the foodservice industry in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Vulcan represents a number of reputable international brands of food preparation equipment, cooking equipment, dishwashing equipment and point-of-sale display equipment, and other products ideally suited for all types of business in varying market sectors.

  • Berzacks Brothers

    Berzacks Brothers distributes industrial machinery and accessories to the clothing, luggage, upholstery and embroidery industries, as well as houseware to the retail trade.

  • Bloch and Levitan

    Bloch and Levitan are distributors of metal fittings and accessories, PVC, plastic sheeting and upholstery materials, press and peel fasteners and metal trimmings for the leather, upholstery, stationary, luggage, clothing and bag manufacturing industries.

  • G. Fox manufactures and distributes

    G. Fox manufactures and distributes a complete range of industrial supplies including workwear, safety equipment, industrial footwear, cleaning chemicals and paper products.

  • Clockwork Clothing

    Clockwork Clothing was founded in 1982. The company's line of business includes the retail sale of specialized lines of apparel and accessories.

  • Sanlic House of Locks

    Sanlic House of Locks is a leading stockist and reseller of a vast and comprehensive range of locks, keys and associated hardware, including local and international suppliers and their brands such as ABUS and SILCA. The company is divided into three main supply and distribution business units; being wholesale, retail and specialised businesses; each catering to a specific need within a focused client base.

  • Plumblink

    Plumblink is a specialist plumbing, bathroom and kitchenware merchant currently operating throughout South Africa. More than 10 000 quality products are sourced from over 600 of the best local and international suppliers including state-of-the-art and exclusive ranges, as well as a recently added "home brand" Plumline. Plumblink offers a wide range of products, including plumbing materials and accessories, bathroom and kitchenware and plumbing supplies. Products are carefully selected to ensure they are of the highest quality, offer excellent value and are SABS or JASWIC approved.

  • Brandcorp

    Brandcorp is a value added distributor of niche Industrial and Consumer products.

  • Matus

    Matus services the needs of the industrial, building and construction, engineering, agricultural, retail DIY and mining sectors.

  • Renttech South Africa

    Renttech South Africa is specialises in the rental of industrial welders, compressors and generators and sale of consumer products.

  • Burncrete

    Burncrete's core business is the supply of lifting, rigging, pulling and lashing equipment to the mining, industrial, construction, transport, railways and harbours sectors, via re-sellers, agents and distributors. Burncrete is strictly a wholesaler and does not sell to end users.

  • MotoQuip

    Originally created in 1982, Moto Quip has become a household name in motor vehicle accessories with its distinct packaging in a concept form and quality products for lower prices. This is a result of its superior sourcing capabilities and evolving insights into the market environment.

  • Leisure Quip

    Founded in 2000 as a response to the "4×4 phenomenon", Leisure Quip is the outdoor lifestyle and camping specialists, providing incredible products to all major chain stores and outdoor camping shops nationwide.

  • Launched in 2014, Travel Quip offers a small concise range of travel accessories ranging from travel pillows to suitcase covers that are designed with the soul purpose of enhancing the travel experience.

  • HomeQuip - Innovative

    Established in 2017, Home Quip solves the ever-growing demand for “Home-Use” products while delivering innovative solutions to homeowners. From clothes dryers to vortex mosquito killers, our range is useful, functional, trendy and ideal for modern day urban living while understanding value for money.

  • Atlas Group

    Atlas Group is a significant stockist and distributor of various cables. All products distributed adhere to Eskom specifications and are applicable to the specific regions in South Africa.

  • Bosal Conduit

    The Bosal Electrical Conduit System and Accessories division of Bosal Afrika (Pty) Ltd was purchased by the Voltex Group in 2019 and is now manufactured by the Group and distributed through Cabstrut’s network of branches. The Bosal division is a renowned leading supplier of electrical steel conduit and related accessories. It also provides the easy-to-assemble Locfit system that eliminates the need for special tools and threading. The division manufactures ISQ230 Z275 pre-galvanized conduit lengths in diameters of 20mm to 50mm and accessories to SANS 61386-21:2003 standard.

  • Cabmed

    Cabmed, a division of Cabstrut, specialises in the installation and servicing of all medical gas outlets and machinery in wards, theatres, casualty and plant rooms; maintenance and installation of all medical gas manifolds and plant room machinery; laboratory gas installations and maintenance plus the supply and installation of hospital lighting and unique hospital bedhead units.

  • Cabstrut

    Cabstrut offers businesses and industry sophisticated solutions to cable reticulation and management through a comprehensive range of dedicated power distribution and cable support systems. Cabstrut carries a BM trading system certification.

  • Eagle Lighting

    Eagle Lighting was established in 1924 and has over the past 92 years been supplying lighting and lighting accessories all over South Africa and neighboring countries.

  • Bidvest Renewable Solutions

    Bidvest Renewable Solutions specialises in the design, component supply and installation of energy and renewable solutions. Offering a wide range of solutions, Bidvest Renewable Solutions consults with customers and consultants on renewable electrical energy efficient projects with physical walk through and measurement to establish existing energy usage and simulation and sizing of renewable energy systems to reduce energy charges. All designs and installations are done using accredited installers with quality products adhering to international quality control standards and specifications. With new and unique technologies together with engineering design and technical support, Bidvest Renewable Solutions offers a unique and competitively priced solution.

  • Electech LS

    Electech LS is the representative agency of LS Industrial Systems in Southern Africa and is one of South Africa’s largest LV and MV switchgear and motor control suppliers. Caters to the industrial, commercial, para-statal and domestic markets and offers technical backup on all LS products. Electech LS is ISO 9001 certified and, as such, is committed to the supply of consistently high quality electrical switchgear and solutions, complying with the best known international and local standards.

  • Electech Power Solutions

    Electech Power Solutions caters for the growing need in smart energy management solutions and to pursue innovations in the green technology sector. Electech Power Solutions distributes smart electrical meters with specific skills in software development and management solutions to create a niche reporting and monitoring output, which allows customers to have full visibility and understanding of electrical consumption.

  • Electech Solutions

    Electech Solutions offers specialist expertise and technical skills to the commercial and industrial sectors in order to provide customers with a holistic electrical solution. The division consists of Impact Power Innovations, LSis and Phambili Interface. By combining the specialised products of each of these divisions, Electech Solutions is able to deliver comprehensive electrical expertise and products that will enable customers to achieve efficient use of electrical energy covering all areas from industrial lighting to process automation and transportation, voltage or motor controls to quality interface products and power factor correction.

  • Impact Power Innovations

    EMS is a leading turnkey service provider in the new energy market. Our innovative cloud-based software, technical support and service solutions will change the way you manage water and energy resource.

  • Lighting Structures (LS)

    Lighting Structures (LS) designs and fabricates masts for special applications. To meet the growing demand for alternative lighting sources, Lighting Structures design and build solar panel support structures that can be used in conjunction with masts fitted with LED luminaires.

  • Phambili Interface

    Phambili Interface is the exclusive distributor of Weidmuller connectivity and interface products in the areas of industrial automation, process automation and transportation. German-engineered quality interface products include terminal blocks and accessories, heavy duty connectors, PCB connectors, right up to the innovative Push In type terminals.

  • Technilamp

    Technilamp specialises in infrared and ultra-violet lamps and designs, manufactures, installs and maintains equipment and machinery employing these lamps. Technilamp is also the sole distributor of the Philips range of ultra-violet and infra-red lamps and carries the widest range of these special lamps in South Africa. Infrared lamps are used for heating, drying, curing, softening, ink processing, health and animal husbandry. Ultra-violet lamps are used for drying, curing, sterilisation, phototherapy, photochemistry, sun tanning, security, non-destructive testing and many medical applications.

  • Voltex Steel Processing

    Voltex Steel Processing manufactures an extensive range of Cabstrut products.

  • Versalec Cables

    Versalec Cables is a sister company to Atlas Cables and is one of the leading cable distribution companies in South Africa. It supplies an extensive range of electrical cables to contractors and consulting engineers involved in low and high voltage electrical reticulation projects. It supplies a wide range of electrical cable from low voltage PVC insulated cables to 33kv PILC and XLPE cable as well as aluminium overhead conductors for various line applications. Versalec also supplies cable to electrical contractors involved in mining projects in Africa, outside the borders of South Africa.

  • Voltex

    Voltex is a leading stockist and reseller of a comprehensive range of electrical and lighting products, including national and international suppliers and their brands. The distribution division consists of strategically located outlets nationwide. It caters for infrastructural, commercial, industrial, residential developments and energy efficiency replacement/ retrofit markets. Voltex offers customers a vast array of products such as general industrial electrical products and components, lighting and sensor technology, switchgear and motor control, transmission and distribution products, wiring accessories, cable support systems, power tools, hand tools and testers.

  • Lascon Project Lighting

    Lascon Project Lighting is a national project lighting division that specialises in lighting design projects as well as energy-efficient lighting solutions and energy audits. All luminaires are designed and manufactured under the proudly South African LASCON brand. We take great pleasure in introducing our most innovative and technically advanced product range to date – a range of products that are more energy efficient and greener than ever. LASCON Project Lighting offers turnkey solutions for all lighting projects from inception to completion. This process includes control solutions ranging from basic lighting management systems to systems that can be integrated into Building Automation Systems. Our technical experts are able to advise our clients on the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution for their projects be they commercial, industrial, residential or retail. Our division liaises with architects, consulting and electrical engineers and interior designers to promote, educate and specify our product offering.

  • Voltex MV/LV Solutions

    Voltex MV/LV Solutions provides tailor-made manufacturing products and services, which are directly sold to the end user. Voltex MV/LV Solutions has a central focus in the production of LV/MV panels and switchgear, variable speed drives, motor control centres, distribution boards, mini-subs, standby generators and specialised assemblies. Voltex MV/LV Solutions is able to use specified components that meet consumer needs – flexible lead times, custom design by application, design for cost-efficient manufacturing, flexible delivery schedules and general business solution initiatives.

  • Voltex Smart Solutions (VSS)

    Voltex Smart Solutions (VSS) is a leading manufacturer of lighting poles and acrylic post top lighting fixtures. VSS has enabled Voltex to expand its lighting product range to better their overall solutions offering as a group. All products are specifically engineered and designed to be used in the infrastructural and residential development spheres. The company prides itself in offering a service that includes anything from unique designs to standard products manufactured specifically to customer requirements.

  • Waco Industries

    Waco Industries imports, exports and distributes a comprehensive range of industrial electrical products under agreements with many local and international brands, such as ABB, Philips and 3M. Products are grouped into five divisions: lighting, power products, general products, fixings and fasteners and energy efficiency. An association with Philips lighting division ensures Waco's status as a major supplier of light sources. Waco manufactures a wide range of industrial plugs and sockets, aviation warning beacons and small panels.

  • King Pie

    King Pie products are known for their quality, taste, wholesomeness and value pricing. King Pie is without a doubt the biggest and most successful pie franchise with over 280 outlets in South Africa and African countries like Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Ghana and Zambia.

  • We specialise in materials handling products and services.

  • Chase Technologies is a leading supplier and distributor of industrial lithium ion batteries in South Africa.

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